Looking for inline CAT6 RJ45 Connectors

Hey all,

I’m in need of refilling my toolbag with CAT 6 RJ45 connectors and want to know what everyone is using in the toolkit these days. I also am curious about crimpers, punchdowns, and your spare pieces you keep on hand as I probably need to refresh what I carry. Thanks in advance!


Michael DeSocio

Latest crimpers are a pair that will do Cat5 through Cat8, one of them is a feed through style which is kind of there just because, and the non-feed through style which gets most of the work. The Cat7/8 connectors do not have that little plastic strain relief that crimps in with the terminals, and this crimper lets you slide it out of the way. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079KR1HFG/ I keep strippers and cutters in my bag with this, and well as a non-impact very small 110 punch tool.