Looking for Hardware

Hello. I am new at IT things one of my customers wants to make a server for a website hosting, which is e commerce website with lots of images of products and with 5000 user base and 1000 simultaneous users so can anyone suggest which hardware is suitable for this type of job?

That is a really broad question so here is a broad answer, Supermicro & Dell both make nice servers

A more in depth answer will depend greatly on the software you choose to run on it and how you configure that software.


You may need to provide more information. Also, 5000 users is not little. I suggest a horizontally scalable solution and not “one server” to do the job.

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Yes its a big number but its e commerce website where my client put something to sell and their customers(5000) who wants to see if there is anything that they can buy but only 1000 customers which is concurrent means 1000 users is seeing things on website simultaneously. The website is just showing things that we sell this this this items and if someone is intrested they add it to cart and purchase. For now its 500 users simultaneously using website i just want to be ready for worst case scenario which is 1000 ppl seeing website and purchasing something.

5,000 is not that many depending on the software. These forums are running on a Intel Xeon E5-2650 v4 (2) @ 2.199GHz with only 2 cores and only 4 gig of memory dedicated to it and is handling roughly 4-5 thousand hits per day and has about 2,000 registered users.

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Thanks @LTS_Tom now i have idea what kind of hardware is needed.

HP makes some nice servers too, but my first choice is Supermicro. Dell seems to be quicker to want the sales than HP in my region, I’ve been able to get desktops from Dell that HP wouldn’t even quote a price.

Look into the licensing/support aspects of the servers before you by them, some servers may require that you keep a support plan active in order to get new drivers and firmware. As far as I know, Supermicro doesn’t do that, at least none of the servers I have required this. And email support has been pretty good from them.

Also some people like to suggest Lenovo servers, I have no experience with them so I can’t say yes or no, just one last choice to look into.

And all that said, I’d probably hire a server host for this, some company with a really good ecommerce pack and reputation. And someone that can give you the highest level of certificate, nothing says “don’t spend money here” like a self signed certificate. With 5000 there is probably enough money to budget on a decent ecommerce site from a decent web host.

Now when I say I’d hire this out if it was me, there’s a very good reason for this. I don’t have the experience to make certain that hackers can’t break in and steal payment information. I want this legal burden on someone else, or I would need my knowledge and experience to be MUCH greater on this topic.

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