Looking at USW-Pro-48 for layer 3

We are in need of upgrading our switches. Currently look at these now that there seems to be some layer 3 support.

Looking for some feedback from those that have implemented them. Are there any gotchas or things to watch out for?

The Gen 2 Pro switches can be set as the default gateway and DHCP Server for VLAN(s), and they use an extra VLAN (auto-created) for forwarding anything to/from the main gateway router device. If your main gateway device isn’t a Unifi one, then there is some manual work needed to be done on the router but it isn’t terrible - no worse than would be required with any other Layer 3 switch.

What isn’t available is adding any extra static routes (the switch just has the default gateway set to be the main gateway over the additional VLAN), any type of dynamic routing, and ACLs (like firewall rules but simplified) to limit traffic between the VLANs that the switch is acting as the gateway for.