Looking after multiple (but independent) sites with Ubiquiti

Tom, I noticed that in some of the videos, you appear to have your various client sites listed under the one Ubiquiti cloud account (with the ability to choose between sites in the UniFi interface).

I’m just wondering how yourself and others on this forum implement management of the Ubiquiti side of things for your clients.
Do you run a cloud key or server instance at each site locally or do you host the Ubiquiti server somewhere like AWS and connect each site to that?

Do you use seperate UniFi logins for each unique client?

How do you manage clients who you no longer have a business or maintenance agreement with? Do you simply remove them from the site list?

They are all in out hosted UniFi instance not separate ones because it makes it much easier to manage. Clients with their own are either because they want to manage it themselves or they have a captive portal and that works best internally.

WiFi management is part of our MSP but we have a couple unmanaged clients in there because of some one off reasons.