Long range wireless keyboard/mouse

Does anyone have any suggestions for a long range-ish keyboard/mouse combo? I’m having to place a computer behind a TV for a conference room. I’ve had some sluggishness with logitech’s unifying dongle in the past.


cat5 to usb adaptor and run a cable to a location that’s closer to the where the kbd+ms need to be?

@garethw , there’s one cat6 from the TV ran under the floor (concrete) to the table, but that’s currently be utilized for the cat6 to hdmi hook up.

Have you tried a USB extension cable to move the dongle from the back of the computer to somewhere on the TV so the dongle has a direct line of site to the keyboard/mouse? This should reduce the latency.

We certainly can try, was just trying to find a solution that was plug in play for distance, if available.

Hum, that’s not going to work then…

Through the ceiling?

In fairness you might be able to get a high power one but I’ve never come across one so was trying to think of alternative ideas. Have you looked for presentation specific kit to see if that’s any better? Logi K400 maybe?

How big is the room?

I’ve had bluetooth keyboards work at over 15 feet, but other wireless keyboards struggle with 5 feet. Getting the transceiver up where it can “see” the signal from the keyboard and mouse is the first thing I would try, a short extension that just sticks up an inch above the TV should be OK and I’ve done this with several keyboard/mouse combo devices with good results.

Also, since many of these run on 2.4ghz, if your wifi is really congested (lots of access points), you will have shorter range from the keyboard/mouse. You can look for some 900mhz devices, but I’m not sure how many of these are still around.

Yeah, plenty of 2.4ghz congestion with WAPs. I’ll see what I can find on the 900MHz, had forgotten about the times past.