Long association time for Unifi AP-AC-LR

I have been seeing under the Anomalies for the last several days out of my 7 UniFi products my AP-AC-LR showing that it has long association times. I also noticed under my Association Failures 231 total between WPA Authentication Timeout/Failure and DHCP Timeout/Failure.

All-access points are up to date as far as firmware.

I am doing DHCP from a TZ-500 Sonic wall with a CIDR /24

If I go to network → local network → general next to Gateway IP/Subnet I see it as a CIDR /25.
I never noticed the difference before, my guess is that both of those need to have the same CIDR?

The number of users on the wireless devices is normally around 30 to 50 devices.

Where else can I look to figure out how to fix this issue?

Thank you in advance.

There is an unresolved conflict with Sonicwall and UniFi AP’s sometimes having issues handing out DHCP addresses.

Thank you Tom I was going crazy trying to figure this out. Your the best.

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