Logging in to forums

Tom, et alia:

I just set my account up today and already I seem to be having problems. I am definitely aware of my password, however, when I try to login using either my username or my email address it fails. I reset my password and tried the same, but still no love. I tried using Safari on my iPhone and I also tried Firefox and Chromium on my Kali Linux box. All failed, excepting the fact that I could login by requesting an emailed link.

Computer Scientist

Not really sure the issue, no one else has reported a problem.


Understood. I will do some more testing with both Chromium and Firefox under Kali Linux.

In precedence to any further testing I will reset my password, just to be sure it is known properly to me. Succeeding that, I will see if I can login properly with the password. I do not mind using the link method but, I’d prefer to just use a password.