Locked out of pfsense

Just walked through your video for:

How To Create pfsense Let’s Encrypt Wildcard Certificates using HAProxy

My FreeNAS box now has a valid cert and can only be accessed from within my home lan. YAY!!


Now I can’t access pfsense on my SG1100. Here are some screen shots:

Screenshot from 2020-03-15 23-07-22

Have I completely hosed myself? Suggestions?



Did HTTPS work before? Try If that doesn’t work, I would reboot it.

did you change your port, try or

Yes HTTPS did work before. I ended up accessing via usb console and choosing option 15 to roll back to the last working configuration. After a reboot I can now access pfsense again. Now I just need to figure out what was causing the problem.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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