Locally processed AI for security cameras


I want to run an AI stack locally to perform a person and object detection on multiple camera streams. I know that there is a blue-iris add-on but I don’t use blue-iris and the add-on didn’t work good for my friend.
I would like to have all in one solution(hardware and software) with a nice user interface. Any suggestions?

I see cloud-based solutions but it becomes very expensive over time. I also don’t like to share my video streams to the cloud.

I would like to start a project if there is no product that can do this
This is what I imagine;

  • Support at least six 1080p streams
  • Below 30W consumption, 10W will be really good.
  • Nice web interface
  • SMS, email, push notifications, mqtt etc
  • Linux based and allow custom add-ons for future proof
  • Less than $1000

Please share your experience and thoughts on this topic and let me know if you are interested in participating this project.

I am not aware of any systems like that.

Does blue iris do any of these things?

Or motioneye?

If it helps, my security system for my van consists of 4 phones streaming over my raspberry pi bluetooth network running a basic version of fedora that’s piped to a 128GB flash drive for video cache.

I’m working on having it utilize xfinity wifi hotspots so I can stream footage to my smartphone while in per say a coffee shop with my home on wheels parked around the corner.

I know too many friends who’ve had their vehicles broken in to while in the city which is what drove me to build this extremely low-powered video insurance system

That’s a great solution.


This one is for Blue Iris. Middleware is open-source however DeepStack is closed source. (It’s free to get an API key for now.)

Note: Deep stack is abandoned for a long time and I believe if the dev team ever come back, they will start charging for an API key because of this project :slight_smile:

Here is what I think about this setup;
-It will require a beefy processor to handle 2+ cameras. You will need to have a high-end i7 to run blue iris and this AI tool with DeepStack.
-Because everything is running on a CPU, I believe developers decided to only analyze motion alerts rather than analyzing the real-time stream. If blue iris misses a motion then the tool won’t help you.
-Limited AI functionality. (Who knows, maybe someone will adopt another engine into this tool in the future)
-High power consumption.

Are you running detection software on your phone?

Zoneminder https://zoneminder.com/ has an machine learning addon for this https://github.com/pliablepixels/zmeventnotification

You would just need some hardware to put it on. I think for most of these (excluding blue iris which requires windows ) you would use similar hardware.