Local Network In/out Error

Im having some issue with the in errors

Im using Intel 10G nic card connected to Mikrotik with DAC cable

I’m seeing a lot of errors in

is this alarming?

I think you are getting lots of IN errors specifically. Don’t quote me.
Do you have a spare transceiver or DAC cable? Is the cable really long?

Yes. i’m now ordering new DAC cable… I’m using 1.5 meters currently

That’s not really long. There are other things it could be.
Is the cable visibly damaged?
Hold off buying anything I think unless you found an issue.It takes a while for multiple people to weigh in.

If you spin the cable around do the error rates change?

i’ll be looking on that later… still dawn here in Philippines… and away from servers

btw… I’m using this JT-com dac… i bought it for cheap
Screen Shot 2022-05-27 at 1.36.52 AM

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