Load Balanced Dual Wan - UDM-Pro

I am getting ready to setup a 2nd WAN and am currenty running a UDM-Pro Router and Unifi Switch and AP’s. The question I have is from what I read this will not be able to handle a load balancing setup option for Dual WAN. If that is true what options do I have in order to handle a Dual WAN Load Balancing option but still keep my UDM-Pro in place to handle my VLAN and DHCP setup. Appreciate any advice you might have to offer.

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UniFi has a write up here UniFi - UDM/USG: WAN Load Balancing Configuration and Troubleshooting – Ubiquiti Support and Help Center

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When I go to the Wan2 setting page the Load Balancing option is grayed out. Is there another setting I am missing that will unlock this option?


You have to switch to the New User interface to have access to that Failover option.

You can switch back then to the old and less buggy version of UI.