Live stream playback 'chapter' markers?


Summary - is it possible to add markers to live streams (similar to chapters) for particular topics during playback of live streams?


The Live streams contain some great content, however if I just want to check out one particular topic, there’s a lot of hunting and seeking involved. I realise the live streams aren’t as structured as more formal videos with the chapters added, but it’d be great if markers were possible to be added so that there was some separation possible.

I’ve tried searching to see if it’s possible but the only thing I can find is that you can add markers to live videos for subsequent creation of highlight videos but nothing about them being used (or usable) during live stream playback. Create a highlight - YouTube Help

Or would it hurt the metrics?

I am looking to hire people to throw in some chapters because I don’t have time to do it.

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Tx, that’s great and I recall you said that you were looking to develop your content side. I appreciate that it’s yet another “plate” to keep spinning! I just wasn’t sure it was possible to do, so that it was visible for users and not just in YT Studio.

Yes, finding people on the creative side that are also technical can be a bit of a challenge.

Ah yes. Right brain, meet left brain! :wink:
However Myers-Briggs is a bit more nuanced and realistic. Spookily accurate though!