Linux Secure Boot

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I have a quick question about Linux secure boot and how important it is specifically from the Linux side of things.

I am working on shifting all my infrastructure to open-source projects, and this is one of the questions that I cannot find concrete answers for.
I know Ubuntu has a secure boot but not a big fan of that distro, but something like PopOS and Tuxedo OS do not have secure boot support, how big of a deal is that, should I even be concerned about this?

Thank you ahead for any answers, also If there is an existing thread with that please let me know, as do not to waste anyone’s time :slight_smile:

Pop_os have full disk encryption. Personally I don’t really care about secure boot. But it totally depends on your tolerance on security.

If you want to try and enable it on Pop_os there a quick google search found this.

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Personally using Mint on all my machines with Secure boot enabled.

Personally the only reason I would worry about secure boot is if you plan on dual booting Windows.