Linux Proxychains Using SSH & SOCKS Proxy For Easy Remote Management & Testing



Great video Tom… Got me thinking about how to manage Windows environments using this method… I could spin up a Linux server in Hyper-V then SSH into it and use proxychains to launch Windows Admin Center… From WAC, I should be able to manage every Windows Server and PC on that network.


I will be doing some testing to confirm, but much of this should work using Windows Susbsystem with Linux.


Would love to hear the results of that testing and maybe another video…


Hi from France !

It’s a very useful tips that allow to access to distant lan without VPN, and without a remote desktop access like vnc rdp…
I knew proxy SOCKS with “-D” Dynamic option, but with proxychains, it’s magic !
SSH is an amazing tool with many usages.

Thank you and your team very much for all your videos and your time !
I just created an account to thank you :wink: