Linux Proxychains Using SSH & SOCKS Proxy For Easy Remote Management & Testing


Great video Tom… Got me thinking about how to manage Windows environments using this method… I could spin up a Linux server in Hyper-V then SSH into it and use proxychains to launch Windows Admin Center… From WAC, I should be able to manage every Windows Server and PC on that network.

I will be doing some testing to confirm, but much of this should work using Windows Susbsystem with Linux.

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Would love to hear the results of that testing and maybe another video…

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Hi from France !

It’s a very useful tips that allow to access to distant lan without VPN, and without a remote desktop access like vnc rdp…
I knew proxy SOCKS with “-D” Dynamic option, but with proxychains, it’s magic !
SSH is an amazing tool with many usages.

Thank you and your team very much for all your videos and your time !
I just created an account to thank you :wink:


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