Linux: Lock screen unresponsive after resume from sleep mode

I’ve got a Sony Vaio 2-in-one type of laptop with a touchscreen that unhinges so you can use it in either tablet mode or as a normal laptop. I have no use for tablet mode so I use it as a normal laptop 100% of the time. It’s an older Core i5 4200 and I run various Linux distributions on it to test with. On nearly every one I try, when I resume from sleep mode, the lock screen comes up and does not accept input from the keyboard or the touchpad. If I touch the screen, it’s apparent that the touchscreen works and after touching it, the touchpad starts working again. However, the keyboard gets frozen up and I have no ability to get into the laptop without rebooting. On a normal boot where I’m not resuming from sleep, it works perfectly normally. I’m currently on Ubuntu 20.04 but this affected POP OS 19.10, Kubuntu 19.10 and 20.04, as well as a handful of other Linux distributions that are escaping my mind right now. I’m googling away but not coming up with much. Any ideas?

If you plug a usb keyboard does that work? Curious if it is just some type of driver issue with the laptop keyboard.
This would also show if it was a potential hardware issue or software issue I believe.

One last question any stuck keys? I had this on one of my laptops. The alt key would get stuck it appeared to latch up my windows system till I figured it out.