Linux domain controller

Does Lawrence use any open source solutions to windows domain controller? Has anything proven to be a reliable and worthwhile endeavor? Managing it from command line is quite tedious but I know various projects have put interfaces to it but one that I chose in the past became history so I’m wondering if anyone has recommendations.

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If you use Samba 4 as your DC, then you can manage it from the normal windows domain management tools - that is actually how they recommend to use it.

Tom has mentioned in previous videos that if they need a domain controler they only use Windows server since its simpler and more of the market understands it

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That’s good to know I was wondering if they used anything open source since they tend to try and do so frequently. Disappointing news to buy such an expensive license for just one task but I do want to start forcing clients to centralized user management and permissions. Thought maybe with all the work on samba 4 that it might be reasonable.