Linux Backup Best Practice / Suggestions

I’ve been following Lawrence’s videos and I think they are great. I would love to see a video on backups for Linux client and servers. Currently I’m running Ubuntu server for Gitlab, Nextcloud, and CrushFTP. Today I use rsync but I don’t feel confident it’s backing up what it should nor have I ever had a situation where I needed to recover. I’ve been looking at solutions such as Backula but I don’t want to spend a fortune on a backup solution for such a small server role. For my Linux clients I’ve been using Déjà Dup Backup Tool but again I’m not sure if this is the right solution. It would be nice to hear about best practices for small business regarding backup solutions.

I would look at Veeam Community Edition with the Linux agent.


Why are you not confident rsync is backing up what it should? Why do you think suggested solutions WILL back up what they should without testing it first? It’s not the backup application which counts here, but the way you configure it. You should always do a test recovery to make sure that your backups restore properly and to make sure you understand how restore works when you need it.

For my Linux servers we do full image / delta backups in XCP-NG and the data is backed up hourly using sctipt that encrypts and sends over the data to a FreeNAS server that syncs off site.

Hello Fred,

Thank you for this suggestion. I have installed the linux agent on my ubuntu servers and client. This has turned out to be the ideal solution for my business.


Rsync is a file based backup and it is crash consistent. I would only consider application consistent backups.

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+1 for Veeam Free, its a great product we use it on out Vsphere/Hyper V stacks and 365 Backup.
Expensive product with enterprise licensing model but damn good.


Go with the Veeam Community Edition for both your server and workstations. FredFerrell suggestion is perfect for what you are doing. VCE is available for both Linux and Windows very easy to use and verifies the back up. It will do deltas and build synthetic fulls. It is free.

My favorite tool has been Duplicati.
It works on any platform. Does incremental backups with many different options. Been using it on my own systems and client systems for years.