Linux as daily driver with Splashtop as technician

Good day,

I work for a small MSP in Germany.
We have now completed the switch to NinjaOne for our customers.
For some we use Teamviewer and for others Splashtop, according to their requirements.

Now I would like to change my daily driver back to Linux. I have been using Linux privately for years but in business I was always tied to Windows, our boss changed his mind and now it is finally time.

I would like to know how the others here who use NinjaOne solve this with a Daily Driver in the area of Remote Desktop. As I have seen, there is no Linux variant for Splashtop to use the RMM as a technician, right?

Thank you


If I need to use Splashtop I do so by running a Windows VM. At my company we mostly use Connectwise Control which does have Linux support.

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