Linux Apps I Use Daily on Pop_OS!

Since Tom asked what other Linux apps people use, two that I highly recommend are hledger and Ghostwriter.

I use hledger to do my own business ledgers. I’ve tried KMyMoney in the past but just never completely jived with the interface. I have a background in bookkeeping, so I wanted something without any bells and whistles. Hledger is a command-line utility that keeps journals in plain text, which is perfect for my needs.

Ghostwriter is my Markdown editor of choice. My job is writing web content for clients. I don’t need a full-scale word processor to do that. Ghostwriter is a nice, easy-to-use editor that provides live HTML previews and just enough features to make it useful to me.

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@LTS_Tom I tried adding Shutter to my laptop. There doesn’t seem to be a release folder for 20.04 yet causing an error. Is there a workaround, or do I just need to wait until they fix that?

@smolivallc hledger looks interesting “easy plain text accounting”

@mouseskowitz I will spin up a clean Pop_OS! and create a video on getting it set up.

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Here is the PPA for Shutter, still might do a video later about the tool itself.

Are there multiple forks of Shutter? The first thing that comes up in a search for “shutter linux” is Their PPA is the one I was having issues with.

Thanks for linking the PPA on this. I’ve tried to install it in the past and was never successful. I just used this PPA and it installed perfectly in about 2 minutes.

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