Limbo Unifi APs

Hi guys i have an CloudController running in Windows for yesterday that VM CRASH and Fail.

I spin up a new VM and I install the lasted Windows Cloud Key but my old AP appears as Disconnected but i can ping those AP.

If i use the Unifi Discovery Tool i can see the AP as Managed but i don’t remember the SSH credentials to log in to those AP to do a factory reset.

Any other method.

PD the AP is in a hight ceiling I can’t reach those without rent a platform

If you can’t spin the old VM up and you don’t have the details (ubnt:ubnt by default until recently) and you don’t have a backup then the only option you have is hardware reset by sticking a pin in the reset button.

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Can you not mount the disk from the crashed VM to recover the settings?

The VM was deleted by the last IT guy that is the problem :cry: there is not backup or credentials list anywhere

Unfortunately you’re going to have to factory reset the AP.

well let me rent a platform thanks guys

Find the old IT guy on linkedin and publicly ask him where the backups are of the server he deleted before leaving the company!!!