Lightning Keeps Frying Network Ports on PfSense

Anyone have any solutions for protecting ethernet ports from lightning that have worked for them?
I have found a few products on Amazon but they have terrible reviews (slow speeds after install, etc)

I have a Supermicro 1U running PfSense (Dual WAN with AT&T and Comcast) that I have been running for 7+ years now and it seems like every time there is a bad storm it fries a network port on the PfSense box. The first time it fried the AT&T gateway and the built in NIC ports on the PfSense motherboard. So I installed a 4 port Intel NIC card and got it back up and running but then 6 months later it happened again and fried the 4 port card so I replaced it with a new one and it was back up and running again.

Last night we had another set of bad storms and I came in this morning to another dead 4 port NIC card.
Both internet gateways are working fine (AT&T and Comcast), it is just the 4 port network card that keeps getting fried.
Luckily I keep 2-3 extra cards on hand at the office.

I have a APC 2200VA battery backup powering everything on the network rack but it doesn’t seem to matter.

I think Unifi makes some Surge Protector that might work. Usually it’s used for use with outside APs, bridges, etc.

Network cards are supposed to have a little device between the connector and everything important to prevent this from happening. With the frequency of occurrence, you have a bigger problem. I’d look at building grounds and other power considerations, you just shouldn’t be having this kind of repeat issue.

Yea, the electrical wiring is a mess at this office building, we didn’t have any of these issues at our previous office.
We have not had any other electronics with issues though, just the router.
Which makes me think it is coming in from the AT&T or Comcast connection.

install a fiber optic link between the outside world
cant conduct electric strikes

Not sure how I would do that since it is Comcast’s Coax coming in and AT&T’s Copper. I guess I could do some kind of ethernet to fiber converter between the gateways and router but I feel like it would just fry the converters.

I’ve never used any, but maybe an isolation device? Galvanic isolation for Ethernet/LAN networks MED-MI-1005

Had a simmilar thing some years ago. Even a surge protector and Online UPS didn’t helped.
I did a simple thing - change all the “outbound” connections (WAN, WAN2) to Multimode 1G SFP`s. Never ever had any problem again. If your Cp,cast and AT&T dont to SFP just try a cheap converter. Maybe already solve the problem.