Licenses needed to start an managed IT business

Hello everyone, finally after so long I have figured out a way to register business in Canada. So what I want to ask is, I am planning of selling windows license keys and antiviruses and all other things online on my website. And also my main target will be small businesses seeking for help desk support.

Can anyone help me by listing the number of license I will need to be a reseller and from where can I buy these all.

Just so you are aware software reselling is a low margin business especially in the small business space, but you can sign up to be a reseller with different partner programs depending on what you’re selling. Even at the volume my company does most of our money is made in services that we offer not in license reselling.


Agree with Tom,

Selling hardware , software licensing has very small margins.

You make money on services you can supply to the enduser

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Ok got it. What I was thinking was if I am providing services to them, they will definitely ask us first that do we sell licenses and all. So in that case we need to have a reseller license. I am really new to this licensing business, if you can suggest me some reseller partners then it would be great.

Ya software is super tight margin.