Lets Encrypt certificate files in /conf/acme - What is what here?


Can anybody explain what files are saved to /conf/acme when generating a Lets Encrypt wildcard certificate. I have created a script for copying certificate files upon renewal to a VPS server in the cloud. And there I want to configure nginx to use the correct certificate files to enable ssl for ex. site.mydomain.com using this wildcard certificate.

Setting up nginx certificate files for ssl_certificate vs ssl_certificate_key, one typically uses the fullchain .pem for ssl_certificate configuration key in /template/ssl_tmpl (nginx), and the privkey.key for ssl_certificate_key configuration key in /template/ssl_tmpl (nginx).

So, which file from pfsense is to be used here? Or must some of them be converted och merged with other files before they can be use by nginx?

Not something I have setup before, but if no one here offers any suggestions you can try posting in their forums as well https://forum.netgate.com/