Lessons learned from amcrest and surveillance station

Just a quick lessons learned in case anyone was having similar frustrations.

My setup: Synology DVA1622 and a few amcrest cameras. I have it set for continuous recording (because I really don’t care what happened more than 3 days ago). What I want(ed): Event triggers for people / cars in certain areas but not alerts. Alerts / phone notifications only for intrusions. This way I get a full history of what happened with highlights and alerts only for things I consider more important.

My main issue was alerting and separating out Smart Motion Detection and IVS. Surveillance station lumps them together as an advanced event, and despite unchecking “trigger motion event” for SMD I would still receive a push notification since the alert settings only has “Advanced Event” instead of IVS/SMD separately. My other issue was if motion/intrusion/detection was triggered then you may not get any other notifications or events for that same occurrence. So if SMD picked up a person first I may not get an intrusion alert. An example is a person walking down a sidewalk walks through my driveway would only set off the SMD and not intrusion.

So all this to say a really simple solution to this was not to draw the motion detection zone within the IVS and disable SMD (leaving motion detection on) and enable DVA. Although amcrest / synology both say in their documentation that when multiple events are triggered it may be consolidated - I guess it just didn’t really sink in that it meant it would be a single event. I just assumed it meant it would be a single recording but multiple flags. IVS can already detect persons/cars as well as “when objects appear” so it is redundant to enable SMD / DVA for the area within IVS - intrusion.

Also, DVA’s basic motion detection Sucks horribly compared to Amcrest’s. Whatever logic amcrest uses for threshold is far superior.

tl;dr - dont draw a motion zone within an Intrusion / Tripwire zone for better event / notification separation.