Layer 3 networking with hp switch

Good Morning

i hope all is well, i recently purchased a hp v1910-24g switch for the purpose of setting up a layer 3 network.

i have a edgerouter 4 > HP 1910-24 (l3) > 1810-249.

i have sucessfully setup lacp between the switches and vlan interfaces for my vlans and am able to ping each of the SVI’s.

my question is how do i go about setting up the link between the 1910 and the router.
i have read online that i should be using a routed port like cisco switches do. but the 1910 doesnt support that. im just wondering if anyone has any experience with this and is able to help me out.

Have a look at this article -

Using a routed port is preferred, but if not available just use another SVI and have that SVI only active on the port that connects to the edgerouter.

Brwainer, thank you for your reply I thought that might be the case . I’m assuming also assign an ip address in the same range as the port on the router.

Yes, you need a unique subnet that exists solely between the router and the L3 switch.

Brilliant thanks for your help brwainer.