Lawrence Systems Content Ethics Policy July 2020

Very well put together video, explaining how you manage your reviews.

i must admit, as long as people state upfront how they got hold of equipment, software or service then I’ happy.
I watch a lot of motorcycle channels and lots of them demo bikes, again as long as they state how they came across the bike then I’m happy.

To me I do like to see some negatives, when kit is being reviewed as nothing is perfect, and TBH with the tight group of networking channels I watch, who review a lot of Ubiquiti stuff, they’ve only got to watch what you all think of their IP video products :slight_smile: to see most people are fairly even handed.

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I’m glad that you spelled it out, but it’s unfortunate that you had to. Your content is fantastic, and you clearly state in most if not all of your videos what the equipment is, how you procured it, and that you are not being sponsored. Thanks for the excellent work!

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Not sure it makes any real difference, when it comes to tech gear each situation has so many variables. For the home user the level of knowledge varies wildly, trying to work out what you don’t know is the biggest effort. I’m afraid getting your hands on the kit is the only way. Vendors can easily virtulise the firmware stick it online then you could actually get a feel for the product, but it’s not in their interests to do so (occasionally some do).

For homeuse, Mr Lawrence’s videos are a starting point, in a company hire consultants if you don’t have the skills in-house.

Even if the videos were sponsored, there would be no break in trust as long as the claims weren’t false.

The problem starts when the product is given to the reviewer to keep, then the reviews generally are not really honest. When you are getting product to keep, for free, you generally don’t say bad things about that product or you are cut off from future products.

The photo camera channels are really bad in this way.

One welding/fabrication channel I watch turns product away if it doesn’t meet his standards. If it might meet his standards he tells the supplier that a positive review is not guaranteed if the product is not good enough. Bigger name brands still send him stuff to keep, he tears them apart if it is sub-standard, and sometimes they fix the issues to make a better product and send him the update. Primeweld was one example, the footpedal on the TIG225 sucked, he said it sucked enough that it turned into a joke. Now they ship with a decent foot pedal. Unfortunately I bought mine before the upgraded pedal.

Tom: This video is welcomed, those of us who are regulars know this already. Why do we know your ethics, not from your words but how you present yourself and the reviews you do. For the uninformed such a statement should encourage viewership. Keep up the awesome work it benefits all of us in the biz.

Tom, I don’t suppose any of your regular or reasonable viewers thought otherwise. You have earned respect in being clear and upfront with a well written and presented policy.


Congrats @LTS_Tom. While I am a regular viewer and respect and trust you already and know you disclose nature of any reviews and are transparent. But by making this official, you have now entered into the ranks of the youtubers/bloggers that I respect the most. When you put it into writing its a step above everyone else and it proves that you have a certain moral character and respect for your viewers that is not common on youtube.

This is a good move and will help the casual viewers and new viewers the most. Much respect @LTS_Tom and keep up the good work.

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