Lawrence please help - Need Some Help With MAAS

I dont know if this is the right place to ask for help but i am from india and currently i am in south Africa. My client called me here to take a look at some of his servers and help setup a cloud… I planned to use mass, juju and openstack…

I am stucked at maas currently … some of the machines are not getting commissioned and i have no idea what to do. They get error while checking storage . They are not showing any progress after that . My client is hoping me to fix problems and after hours of google searching i am still nowhere…

I watch Lawrence video on a daily basis and i figured this is the best place to ask help… please help… Anyone… I can provide all access to all servers… please anyone help

I won’t be able to help you, as I’ve never worked with these tools. But I know that for whoever can help you, it is important that you show some actual logs, i.e. what specific errors you are getting.

Also, I wouldn’t grant strangers on the internet access to my systems so imprudently.

Ii am not concerned about security at this point and heres log…Uploading: 15827218325413899106512887686061.jpg…

Unable to run ‘smartctl-short’: ‘MAAS did not detect any storage devices during commissioning!’
Given parameters:
{‘storage’: {‘argument_format’: ‘{path}’, ‘type’: ‘storage’, ‘value’: ‘all’}}
Discovered storage devices:
[{‘NAME’: ‘sda’, ‘MODEL’: ‘PERC H700’, ‘SERIAL’: ‘6782bcb03180ce00241c549e0b52eebc’}, {‘NAME’: ‘sr0’, ‘MODEL’: ‘DVD-ROM DV-28SW’, ‘SERIAL’: ‘11040622153709’}]
Discovered interfaces:
{‘bc:30:5b:db:f4:52’: ‘eno1’}

INFO: Veriying SMART support for the following drive: /dev/sda
INFO: Running command: sudo -n smartctl --all /dev/sda
INFO: Unable to run test. The following drive does not support SMART: /dev/sda

My guess is that the hardware, specifically the HBA/RAID controller, is not seen by the software you are trying to install. I would first check to see if it is on their hardware compatibility list and if it is, find a way to slipstream the driver for the install.

What OS are you trying to deploy?

I am trying to commission machines using ubuntu 18.0.4 kernel and i am planning to deploy cloud when all servers shows ready status in maas… I will then install juju controller which will communicate with maas and then openstack after that…

currently I have 8 servers in ready status and rest I am trying to figure out. But no luck yet

I am planning to deploy a cloud using openstack

What’s the server model?

I would review this list to see if your hardware is on it.

Thanks For helping and replying.
Model Numbers are Dell PowerEdge R710, PowerEdge 2950, PowerEdge R710, PowerVault 500, PowerEdge 2950, PowerEdge R710, PowerEdge R710, PowerEdge R710…

I have wrote model numbers repeatedly because that many servers I have problems with…

Some servers are commissioned and deployed successfully same model , But i cant figure out whats the deal with other servers of same model. I have setup all these servers’ IPMI and BMC.

I can control their power remotely but i am not able to install anything on them because maas is not getting the storage information on them. But if you boot from flash drive and install an operating system on them everything is working with the same raid setup . I deleted and recreated raid setup too, many times…

maas communicates via bmc and ipmi to take control of servers and get inventory information and them it deploys them at last. So whether its ubuntu, centos or your custom distribution you can apply it… and host that server for any use you have.

Can you please advice also what else can i use to provision these servers remotely?? If maas and ubuntu are giving problems

I got some idea from the hardware support list you gave me… I will try and commission those servers with the older ubuntu and deploy 18.0.4… i will let you know what happens

Any PXE boot option should work, but my experience is with enterprise products such as Altiris, WDS and Satellite. Maybe get things installed manually and then layer the mgmt software over it.

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Can you please elaborate what needs to be installed manually. Cause they are the blank servers i just connected them for pxe boot with no data ondisks so i can provision them remotely…

I would install the OS manually and once they are up and running then add them to MAAS.

I installed os and maas on one server i am using it for provisining these… All servers are booted from pxe then

My recommendation, if PXE boot method doesn’t work, is to install the OS manually on every server, and then install agent or add server to MaaS after the fact.