Lawrence Forums, login issue

Login form requests Username or Email: seems only Username is accepted.
Forgot-Password link: couldn’t find my email-address.
I don’t see any prior related topics, so perhaps it’s just me. Something abnormal with my acct?

I was nearly convinced my account got purged for inactivity, as multiple login attempts, and even a forgot-password request responded with “we don’t know you”.

This morning I tried to login. I copy&paste user, then password from KeePass, as I expect I have done in the past. Though, since I have no assets stored here, it’s also likely I had previously permitted a browser to manage login credentials.

One last try: after forgot-password request told me it didn’t know me, I went to my inbox, found the most recent Topic Response notification and visited the Visit-Topic link, then the Profile-Link for myself. Indeed, I’m still in the database. Along with joined-date, last-seen, and other stats, the Profile page provided me my Username, which I had not previously recorded. Login with Username worked.