Lastpass vs bitwarden

With the recent change in lastpass pricing , is it time to migrate to Bitwarden ?
or should i eat the raise and continue with lastpass until then reach the 50$/years

i start when it was 1$/month …

They still have their free version so I guess it depends on what features you need.

Bitwarden has a free version, but charges for more features as well

I was using the premium version.
Guess i will have to check what is the difference between the free and the premium.
Back when i choose the premium , the iOS and Android was only part of the premium i think

and if i switch to Bitwarden i would go to 10/4 year version to support the opensource model …

This is something I have been mulling over for a bit now. It’s not so much the cost increase (although it’s not to be sniffed at). It’s more the changes that have occurred since they were consumed by LogMeIn. So many changes which are meant to make it more user friendly but in my opinion make it more bug prone and difficult to use. I’m also worried that these changes may (in some way) make the service more convenient which probably means less secure. I don’t think Joe Siegrist is still working for them but I could be wrong.
I use lastpass for everything so I’m very nervous about switching. Has anyone else here made the switch?

Try eval of Dashlane and if memory serves it also works with the YubiKey.

You can install Bitwarden via docker and self host your own setup. Its all free and you have complete control of it. This keeps all your passwords on your system and not in the “cloud”. I self host mine on my Unraid Server and its a piece of cake. Chrome comes with a plug-in and you just point it to your self hosted URL, log in and bam…your all set. FREE

@g-aitc thanks. Although price is not much of a factor, it’s twice the price of Lastpass and doesn’t seem to offer much more in terms of added benefits.
@Arron thanks also, I’ll be paying even if it’s free because I think it’s a worthwhile project that deserves the low annual fee My concern about self hosting relates to security. What security have you put in place to mitigate anyone trying to access your container?

I use Cloudflare DNS which has it’s own built in security for my hosted domains. In addition to that I run it behind my pfSense firewall with pfBlocker and Suricata rules. Even if they manage to get into my server all my password hashes are saved as Salted Hashes so they would then need to crack the master password to get to the rest of my passwords. In my opinion as a Cyber Security professional for many years says that unless I’m very careless and a major target a hacker would not waste their time trying to break into this. Why would they, I’m not guaranteed to have anything useful. They prefer a more lucrative target like Facebook, Equifax, etc.

Actually just to support them i would pay the monthly fee…
Lastpass is a great product , but sadly they end up in the hand of a company who have the history of miessing thing up … 12 to 24 and 36 $ /year is somehow showing where they ar going in my opinion.
but Bitwarden do not seem to auto-complete like last pass, and some other small feature difference