Laptop Decisions

I recently got a laptop with an i5-8520u and 8gb of ram that I’ll be upgrading soon. I have dual booted before and I want to run Linux and windows. I was wondering if maybe setting this up through virtualization would be a better possibility this time around.

Please leave me your tech opinions. If you do suggest virtualizing it please leave your suggestion on what software you recommend as well

I think it’s pretty common to boot to Linux and then have Windows in a VirtualBox VM.


I haven’t really toyed with VM’s so thank you for your input. Just trying to see options I definitely wouldnt think of myself

I have been running linux full time for about 10 years on my laptop/desktop. I don’t care for dual booting due to the issues sometimes caused by Windows update breaking it. All though rarely needed, when I do need Windows I run it in Virtualbox.


It’s the safest way and the path of less pain.