LAGG XCP-ng hosts

It is a simple question and I am not 100% sure on this. Do you create a single LACP port channel for all your hosts or do you setup a port channel per host?

I’m guessing you’ll need a LACP per host to increase bandwidth, just like each host has an individual IP in a non-LACP config. Just a guess. I don’t have enough ports in my lab to even test this, downside of 1u servers.

I figured it was a port channel per device. I wanted to make sure though. Thanks for the reply.

I’m not certain, but probably 50% that it will be per host. When possible I’ve been going to the philosophy of “get a faster NIC” to overcome speed issues. Doesn’t give any redundancy though.

I’m not looking for speed, I’m looking for redundancy. I have 2 cisco CBS350-24xs’s, but I am only allowed 8 port channels. So I wanted to make sure I am configuring the switches properly.