LAGG interface (LACP) has stopped working after 20 mins

I have set up a lagg interface, which stopped work in less than 20 min. Below is a brief description of the issue.

1st) I have set up LACP in the Netgear GS308T model (see screenshot).
2nd) I have setup Link aggregation on the Truenas side (see screenshot). Note: Version: TrueNAS-12.0-U2.1

To test if LACP was working I have opened two iperf3 server sessions on the Truenas using different ports for each session. Then from 2 different clients, I ran the iperf3 test.
When I first ran the test, it was working as supposed to be, Client1 getting almost 1 Gb/s and Client2 getting almost 1 Gb/s concurrent. So far I was happy with the setup as everything was working.

But I kept testing the LACP setup for while, maybe 20 min after the LACP setup wasn’t working anymore as each of the clients was fighting for bandwidth and each client was only getting around 500 Mb/s as if the requesting is reaching one link only (see screenshot).

Since then, I have reset everything and started again, I also, have restarted the switch and still, LACP is not working as supposed to be.

Is anyone having a problem with lagg interface (LACP) setup? Or know how to better troubleshoot this issue to find out what is causing the problem.