LACP - XCP-NG and Ubiquiti US-24-US Switch

Hello All,

I just received a Ubiquiti US-24-US Switch yesterday. I got it in hopes of increasing my bandwidth on my network. I use ESXi as my bare metal hypervisor and run virtual machine servers such as pfSense, openLDAP, Plex, Nextcloud, WWW server, Unifi Controller, etc… This network has several VLANs yada yada… I am a big fan of LAWRENCE systems, and I have been considering the switch to XCP-NG as i feel with the YouTube videos Tom puts out I can pretty much figure it out. I am however not looking forward to the switch because I am afraid it is going to turn into a time consuming project. If anyone has tips on the conversion please let me know. Now to the point lol… I am STRONGLY considering the switch to XCP-NG as of today because I have learned that the free version of ESXi does not support LACP and LACP is the only form of link aggregation that the Uniquiti switch supports according to my research. Does anyone know if this is true? Regardless I really think i want to switch to XCP-NG anyway. Will XCP-NG support teaming multiple physical links to the Ubiquiti switch without additional license/costs? Thank you all, and Tom keep doing what you are doing. You are an inspiration. It is my dream to create a business exactly like what you have done. Great Job!

You could use cloning software or follow my P2V video to get the VM’s moved over.

Hello Wirez82

I migrate 7 Virtual Machine (From VMware to XCP-ng), in the case of a Windows virtual machine we used Windows Backup Tool, the only problem is to lose the configuration of the nic.
We did in Windows Xp, Windows7 and Server 2008R2.Windows Backup Tool.

In the case of Linux we use export from VMware to OVA file and import in XCP-ng.
For Centos 7 run Dracut command before shutdown and export. And in case of debian or ubuntu be didn’t need command before export this VMs.
In all the case we lose the configuraction of the nic.
Good Luck.

Ok awesome! Thank you all for the information. I do not have any windows based VMs so Im not concerned with that. I believe all my VMs are Ubuntu based… I think the main question I had got overlooked in the rest of the detail…

Does XCP-NG support aggregate linking to the Ubiquiti switch which seem to only support LACP protocol?

Tom, could you possibly do a video on link aggregation using these platforms and devices along with basic throughput testing to verify functionality?

I only see an option to export to OVF file in ESXi. Is this an acceptable format for XCP-NG? Also, what should i do with the other files… .mf, .vmdk (disk), and .nvram?

We use an old version of VMware ESXi 6.0.0. I don’t know which version do you have.
In our case we remove the cd-rom and the vm-tools. Only export the VMs to a OVA file and import in XCP-ng.
Other posibility is create a VM with the template and remove the hard disk. Them convert vmdk to a vhd and copy using scp transfer the vdi to the host. Them attach the new hard disk.
Other option is using Clonezilla and clone the vm in VMware and restore the image in XCP-ng.

Attach two picture of how to export a vm to a OVA file.
Good luck to you

I have ESXi 6.7. My research shows they removed support for exporting to ova files from the GUI. I will try your methods or other methods like using the ovftool if needed. Thank you for the help. The XCP-NG forum answered the most important question. It seems that XCP-NG is capable of link aggregation using LACP protocol. I was hoping to get a confirmation here as well, but it seems this part of my question has been overlooked. Thank you again for your help. Looks like I’m going to have an interesting weekend getting all of this ported over.