Lack of spare parts from Ubiquiti

After some inquiries directly to Ubiquiti support, they’ve advised me that they don’t stock spare mounting brackets for the UniFi AC Mesh Pro. (Originally Tweeted here:

Basically, the bracket snapped after a customer over-tightened the carriage bolts (mistakes happen) however when we’ve tried to source a replacement from Ubiquiti, they’ve basically said “sorry, can’t help you”. We’re not even expecting a free replacement, since it’s wasn’t a defect in the bracket.

We feel that the mounting bracket is a pretty integral part of the whole product and to not stock a replacement part for a current product is just poor. I’ve flicked them back an email reminding them of their responsibilities under Australian Consumer Law which includes “there is a guarantee that the manufacturer of the goods will take reasonable action to ensure that facilities for the repair of the goods, and parts for the goods, are reasonably available for a reasonable period after the goods are supplied”. This law applies to any company who sells their products/services in Australia, regardless where in the world they actually operate from.

I believe you can easily find the mounting bracket from e-commerce sites. (amazon etc.)

If it’s super urgent, I would 3d print myself or have it done by 3d printing service provider. I bet it will be much cheaper than the original part :slight_smile:
I know this won’t work for you since you are a business but trust me 3d printing is everywhere nowadays.
(Thingiverse has brackets and add-ons for Ubiquiti equipment.)

I like the Australian Consumer Law btw, I don’t know if we have something like that here.

Thanks for your suggestions mterzi.

I would rather replace the part with an original, rather than trying to spin my own out of alternate materials, particularly as these things are often mounted on antenna masts and their long-term reliability in the Australian sun aren’t guaranteed (particularly with plastic parts).

Australian Consumer Law applies not only to manufacturers but resellers/service providers such as us. That means, we as a business also need to make sure that there is a reasonable supply of spare parts available. The ACL also states that we can’t fob the problem off to the manufacturer (and vice versa, the manufacturer can’t refuse to help and refer us/the customer back to the supplier). It’s a really powerful bit of legislation (see here if you’re interested in reading more:

In this instance, we’ve swapped the broken mount out for free from another unit we have in stock. I’m going to try and chemically weld the part together and see if I can use it myself, but that still leaves us with a new unit in a box without a mount. I can’t sell this as a new or complete product. Even though the customer was completely at-fault, I’d rather look after them rather than worry about a $20 part.

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I had a similar issue with antenas for the mesh access points. We do a lot of work at festivals and events and, as you say, accidents happen, things get broken. At the end of last season I tried to get replacements and got nowhere. I did then find 3rd party ones that look like they are compatible and ordered some but never got around to testing them as covid kinda killed that part of the business for now.

I would go for 3d printing as well to get me out of a pinch. Maybe swap a 3d printed with an indoor unit and use the original for outdoors? (a bit of a pain in the neck but would do the job). You can also get 3d printing filament that is more UV stable for outdoor use, never used it but it’s a thing.

Would be good if AU law could get them to start making parts available though.

Well, if you can like and re-tweet on Twitter, maybe Ubiquiti might do something about it? It would be a minor task for them.


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