Label Maker Tape

I have a cheap label maker. I haven’t used it in a while because the tape peals off after some time. I decided to try heat shrinking it in place for some extra durability.

It’s a thermal printer. Now the label looks horrible.
Does anyone have a recommendation for a non thermal label maker?

We have been using the previous (non-plus) version of this printer on our cables for a little over 10 years:

No issues with labels fading (nothing exposed to light or high heat) but the adhesive does degrade a little, still no labels falling off. If you stick a label to say a wall jack, then cut the clear portion and layer it over the top of the label, it last pretty well since no air can get to the printed part. Light fading will be reduced when applied this way as well. They used to have an ink based wrap around label system, but I haven’t seen it in a long time.

If you are talking flat labels for equipment, the only real answer is to go through and replace labels every 5 or more years. We also use a Dymo similar to this printer

I’ve had decent to poor luck with this system, a lot of it has to do with having fresh tape when you start a project, and cleaning the surface really well to remove dirt and oils. Cleaning with alcohol normally gets me about 5 years between replacements. I’m especially partial to the white on clear for dark colored equipment, this has held up really well for me.

I am labeling the end of cables.
I thought I was being smart slipping a piece of heat shrink over the cable before I put the ends on. When I heated the tubing up the lable turned black. The tape is the Brother M tape.

I’ll have a look at the links you you sent. I was actually looking at the DYMO one you posted. Price is right I just want to confirm I can use it under heat shrink.

You can get those Brady label printers pretty cheap on ebay. For cables I would not use the Dymo, they have a cable program but that uses the flag method and flags always get pulled off.

You can uses get wrap around cable labels that get run through a laser printer, if you have a big job and need a pile of labels, that’s the best way. The Brady is good for medium and small jobs printing onsite. Here is an example from a company that I’ve used before:

The adhesive tends to get gummy after 5 to 10 years and a pain to remove if you need to update or change a label, but they hold pretty good. I’ve also used the type that you write on with a permanent pen, same adhesive just flexible since you write on it. The ink pen can smear a little after many years.

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I have a Brady BMP 21 Plus, and I love it.

The only issue I have is the (3/4", max supported size) self-laminating labels are too small to wrap around Ethernet or coax cable. They will work on my Monoprice SlimRun cables, though.

The 21+ should take 1 and 1.5 inch labels, I have an older regular 21 and we use both of these sizes in it all the time.

That said, the post above is most likely spam and I’m reporting it.

Learn something new everyday. I thought 3/4" was the largest it supported.

Thanks @Greg_E

the 1 is good for Cat5 and slim cables, we also use it on audio and slim video cables. The 1.5 works on Cat6a and the old Belden GX10 as well as RG59 size video cables. Looks like the 1.5 is the biggest label that fits these.

I wish these systems would print closer to the edges, they always have huge margins and waste a lot of tape.

I’ll have to look on Amazon for those. Do you have the product numbers for those by any chance?


When I worked at MTI, and we were putting zip tie flags on the fibre, I had to carry multiple spare label cartriges, and scissors. Yes, lots of wasted label.

All the makers do it. Possible money making scheme? Sounds like that could be a potential class action lawsuit. :wink:

I need to order some of the knock off BMP-21 labels and give them a try, literally 2 for 1 pricing and I have a large pile of work that needs to be relabeled after a redesign.

Keep me posted on the short-trem results. If it were me, I would likely just use the OEM until I have done some long-term testing before using it on work I am being paid for.

I wouldn’t want to get a call back and having to explain why labels are falling off after a month. lol

Personally, I don’t do a lot of labelling, so I don’t worry too much.

I hope they never pull a Dymo when it comes to their cartrages.

I will add this… After the Brady labels get old sitting in the package (like 3+ years), they don’t stick as well on the edge when you wrap it around. The adhesive isn’t as good as nice fresh labels.

I still haven’t ordered the knock off labels yet, but at 2 for 1 they are very tempting. I still have empty boxes on my desk to remind me to deal with this, just too may thing to deal with lately.