Label Maker Suggestions

Hi all,
Which label maker have you all been having success with? About to purchase 3 or 4. Primary usage would be for our low voltage installation teams, and for our network teams to label cables in network cabinets etc.


I’ve had a Dymo Rhino for years and it works well. Runs on battery for ages or from an AC adaptor, takes lots of different tape (including shrink wrap). My only complaint is that the one we have is an ABC keyboard not a QWERTY and that somehow manages to confuse me.

Got cables that have been in service for 10+ years and they are still labelled

(I generally buy the Dymo tape as well, some of the after market stuff is not as durable)

I’ve been using a Brady BMP-21 at work for several years. Seems to be fine though I often wish I had a USB connection for easier data entry. The 1.5 inch self laminating labels work pretty well for cat5e and cat6, they will work on larger but it isn’t ideal. Using 1 inch for smaller video/audio cables.

I’ve been looking at the BMP-21+ for myself.

I would suggest getting the magnet attachment if you get one of these, really handy. I normally plug mine in, not sure about battery life.

Thanks fellas,
Very helpful. @garethw, are you using the 4200 or 5200pro?

Not sure, when I head to the office next I’ll grab it and try to remember to let you know. I think it was a “pro” but no idea of the model number

I wouldn’t ask that of you @garethw , you’ve already been a big help.

Thank you again!

Neither of the above! it’s a fairly old one now.

I had no idea the Dymo Rhino range existed so I am happy that I found this thread. Apparently the 6000 has a PC interface. Pity they’re so expensive. :sob: