KVM Virtual Network Switches

I’m creating a DMZ Hosted network for a public facing web site to the internet using a vSwitch in Routed Mode that is connected to eth3, which is connected to LAN 3 on the SG 2100.

I believe you did a video on how to configure the Switches on this Router. I don’t have internet connection because I don’t know how to set this correctly. I have not made any changes to the ports, they’re at their defaults:

and no VLANS have been created. I’m not sure what is the best setup for this, because I will be creating a firewall Rule to Block the DMZ access to the LAN.

With this Router and viewing the Network Diagram will this work without VLANs?

Without a VLAN there is nothing to do, the ports on the 2100 work as a normal switch.

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UPDATE: I do have internet connection now, don’t know why it took so long. But looking at Configuring the Switch Ports, it looks like either vLANs or Configuring an OPT interface as an additional LAN.

This guide configures an OPT port as an additional LAN type interface. These local interfaces can perform a variety of tasks, such as being a guest network, DMZ, IOT isolation, wireless segment, lab network, and more.


UPDATE: Well, after reading further down, this will not help my original goal, because there’s only a two port assignment which are taken.

Looks like vLANs or Block the IP Range.


In an isolated local network, hosts on the network cannot contact hosts on other networks unless explicitly allowed in the rules. Hosts can still contact the Internet as needed in this example, but that can also be restricted by more complicated rules.

This scenario is common for locked down networks such as for IOT devices, a DMZ with public services, untrusted Guest/BYOD networks, and other similar scenarios.