KVM for MSP use

Hi all,
Has anyone found a KVM suitable for MSP use? Primarily looking for a KVM that accepts all video input types (vga, dvi, hdmi, dp etc.) I’m not too worried about KM piece, but it would be nice to have.


We don’t often use them as most modern systems offer systems such as Dell iDrac or the SuperMicro IPMI systems.

What about laptops/workstations that come to your office’s workbench for repair? They all have idrac like interfaces?! Have I been living in the stone ages this entire time?

They don’t but we don’t usually plug laptops into a KVM.

Thanks @LTS_Tom .
Do you have any recommendations of a good KVM that can accept all types of video input (vga, dvi, hdmi, dp etc) ?

Lantronic Spider is decent.