Kubernetes Cluster setup on XCP-ng

I would like to see if anybody has experience with using XCP-ng and the Terraform plugin to spin up a kubernetes cluster. I am looking to do this in my home lab but feeling could have some real world applications. I’m looking at using k8s via k3s or maybe trying with rancher (rancher os).

The project I’m looking to use if k8s@home which seems like an good way to use Terraform to provision the VMs and then maybe Ansible to setup the OS for the kubernetes cluster but I think some of that might be able to be done with rancher but not sure yet. I am just learning about Flux which monitors a git folder for the yaml files for chances and then updates the containers.

There are some examples for baremetal, vsphere, and proxmox examples but there aren’t any there yet for XCP-ng.

Would like to see if any have experience with these packages and if anyone is interested in working toward an example setup to help run a homelab or work environment.