Kiosk & Scheduling Software?


Thanks for any help you can give! I have a client looking to consolidate his receptionists from three to one, and possibly have them work from home. He has a waxing company, so he takes in clients at the door, and brings them into a room to receive their services. The client currently schedules through an online service, but it’s limited.

What we’d like to see is something where the client can schedule an appointment online, check-in when they get to the shop, have the technician receive a text that the client is there, and then receive the client when they’re ready.

In addition, we’d like to see if there’s a software that will handle walk-ins. It would see the technicians schedules, and suggest for the client to visit another location if there’s something available, or it will allow the booking for the walk-in if a technician is available now.

Does anyone know of software, both paid and free, that fits this description?

thanks again for your help!

This would be pretty easy to set up in Booked

Free and open sourced, pretty much all php so easy to deploy. The hosting company that they partner with has good rates, but never used them. Support can be purchased and is pretty cheap. Nick is a great guy, wish I could carry a yearly support contract with him (needed or not).

We use this to schedule lab rooms and equipment sign out at the school where I work, about 7 years now with it.

Thank you @Greg_E for the suggestion. This looks very similar to which they use right now. I think their vision was sort of what like Sports Clips does with their texts and immediate availability capabilities. I will put this one into the mix of suggestions and get a demo ready as well. Thanks again.