Kerio Connect + Outlook migration to either o365 or gSuite

This is in reference to my previous post as to this new client I am taking over.

The last provider is hosting their email on what appears to be a Kerio Connect Server that the provider hosts (Simple MX Record change). Each workstation uses Outlook with “Exchange ActiveSync” and has calendars, contacts etc, and I guess their cell phones use whatever email client (haven’t gotten there yet).

Obviously, they are looking to host the email somewhere else, and I am trying to steer them to GSuite or o365 since they need to keep the Calendars etc.

Has anyone done this type of Migration before? Obviously, I’d like to keep it as seamless as possible with little to no downtime or lost files.

Thanks in Advance.


After I made this post I have been testing zoho mail. It seems to work really nicely for a replacement for o365/gsuite especially on price point etc.

Even before my DKIM and SPF records could be verified, I was able to send mail to and from my own server and direct to the inbox of some of my gmail accounts.

As an MSP this could be a good deal to make some margin on email/collaboration hosting without all of the fuss.

Looks interesting the plans are reasonably priced but i would ask questions as to where their servers are located, you would want USA hosting.

They do have DC’s in the US.