KeeperMSP - Moved to it from BitWarden

Seems to be a lesser known Password Manager, which seems to stay under the radar. I certainly dont see Keeper mentioned much.
We moved to Keeper from BitWarden, as good as BitWarden is, Keeper is just so much easier to use! Its not open source unfortuntely.
Though it has been third party audited. So I trust it enough.

We have a few customers who we resell Keeper to and they like it also.

Anywone else got love for Keeper?

I couldn’t find anything about a self hosted version on their website, maybe I didn’t look hard enough. The reason we use bitwarden is they have a self hosted version. We do not store passwords in the cloud. Still probably better than lastpass though!

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No self hosted version of Keeper. Im fine with that. Some things are better off not self-hosted!

I have self hosted BitWarden in the past. With that there are always pre-reqs and other things to consider. Keeper is handy as it has a nice mobile app which syncs to their cloud.

I trust it being in their hands. I have it secured with strong Master password & FIDO. I can export as well which I do often.