KeepassXC and 2FA

Recently I moved over to KeepassXC password manager on linux, as a password manager it seems to do the job. However it excels at dealing with 2FA, previously I used Authy on my mobile and Windows, it’s easy to setup just enter the secret key manually or the QR code then enter the generated code into the given application.

Perhaps there is a risk keeping 2FA with my passwords but having them on another device and losing that would be more problematic for me. Mainly I wanted 2FA for my QNAP NAS, they seemed to have finally fixed the NTP issue so now it works.

KeypassXC can easily be backed-up so limited risk of being locked out of my own accounts.

Might be useful to others if you still use a laptop and want to take an easy step in being secure!

It’s popular with single users, can work with groups, but still not as full featured and easy to use as Bitwarden.

I have looked at Bitwarden, while 10$ won’t break the bank, these are lean times ! The 2FA for other accounts is only in the paid versions. Though I do feel like I am trying to catch my tail with these password managers and 2FA, I have an underlying fear I will inadvertently lock myself out of my own systems :innocent: