Kdenlive 20.04: GPU Acceleration


I just watched your Kdenlive 20.04 video. I downloaded the AppImage version per your suggestion, and it’s much nicer looking than the one in the Ubuntu repository. However, under Settings > Run Config Wizard, “NVIDIA Hardware Acceleration” won’t “stick,” and I confirmed it’s not using the GPU during rendering. I purchased a GeForce GTX 1650 Super last week for video editing and Zoom (Zoom was actually locking up my old AMD HD 7750). I confirmed that NVENC works fine in OpenShot and Shotcut (Shotcut is fast).

I looked at a few websites and watched videos on how to get GPU acceleration working, such as using configuration files from Shotcut. Is your GPU acceleration working, and if so, how did you enable it? Thanks in advance.

I have an old video card and while I have not tested it recently I found it a bit buggy (maybe because of my old video card) but I have not had any issues with playback or rendering on my system while not using it.