Just wanna say THANK YOU!

Hello everyone!
I’m an MD located eastern part of France. My level of comprehension of networking stuff is more than extremely limited !!!
I work at a small clinic here and because of recent events we had to step up our network security in order to keep our data safer and share some data with partners, labs and suppliers. All our procedures have been changed in order to be able to communicate effectively with the outside world.
Our network was connected to an ASUS BRT-AC828 which lacked basic security features. I made the choice of PfSense as it seemed to be very well documented and supported by a large community.
Thanks to the videos I found, discussions on this forum I was able to install PfSense on a little machine and make it work. M. Lawrence, I spent so many hours late at night watching your videos, I feel like you are part of our team!!!
I have 2 wan connexions that are now load balancing and fail-over, a vlan that allows outsiders to connect to a separate wifi network, pfblockerng that works, freeradius to authenticate users, a captive portal to authenticate outsiders, etc.
I made it work watching your videos and reading these discussions. I still have some problems but mostly caused by my level of comprehension of the global environment. I’ll work on it whenever possible, our IT ressources being very limited.
So just a big THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge and experience.
Stay HOME, stay SAFE!