Jitsi Meet behind HAProxy NATed


I think that it would be awesome to see a video on how to configure Jitsi Video Bridge behind pfSense through HAProxy. Because you have endorsed this firewall setup, I’m sure many of your followers have employed this. Since the world has been how it has, I can also imagine that there will be many looking to deploy jitsi for themselves. I thought it would be helpful for you to share how to get this going.

Is anyone else interested in this as well?

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That may cause some other issues as three are a few ports Jitsi needs. Also, the Jitsi install already has Let’s Encrypt as part of the setup.

Would love such a tutorial
I just created up a Jitsi Server and now I’m struggling to get it working behind HAProxy without destroying the other webservices running on it.

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@LTS_Tom Is there some way to host a Jitsi server behind a pfsense box that is already set up with HAProxy for other services? Essentially, I’ve got a box already setup as you’ve done to reverse proxy my different services off 443. So would it be possible to actually set this up?

Possibly, I have not tried. Also, the Jitsi install already has Let’s Encrypt as part of the setup so just port forwarding should work.

If I forward 443 traffic, would that not cause my other services to bypass the HAProxy listening on 443 of the same interface and be forwarded to the Jitsi server as well?

Yes, it would unless you have more that one public IP address.