iX mini motherboard replacement

I have had a third failure of the C2750D4I MB in my minis. The MB is no longer available and ASrock wants $280 for repair. I really don’t want to spend any money on a failure-prone MB.

After much questioning of iX Systems, they tell me that the MB they currently use in the mini is an asrock c3338-d2i-4l that is “custom made” for them. Probably true because it is not listed on the asrock website. However bhphoto and swt are selling it.

They said they could sell me one (no price given), but could not provide any documentation or confirm it would work in an older mini. That doesn’t make sense because the only parts left of the old mini are the disk drives and power supply.

The quad core version, C3558D4I-4L is available on Amazon but draws twice the power.

Any comments or advice?

I don’t see why you could not use another motherboard that is the same form factor but you would likely lose the drive “View Enclosure” option with a non IX system board in the TrueNAS interface.

No worries. The older minis don’t have “view enclosure”.

I will keep looking for a c3338. It only draws 7w. The c3558 has 4 gigabit lan’s and draws 16w.

This is intended for the file server in the 3 cubic-foot data center in my Airstream! The entire setup is powered at 12v from the solar and batteries and is always on.

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Would this work for you?

  • SUPERMICRO MBD-A2SDI-2C-HLN4F-O Mini ITX Server Motherboard

It looks like it would do the job.
I am curious about what the “supports 12 V DC power input” means.

I have had other more pressing concerns, but will get back to this soon and sort it all out. I will report results here.