Itarian RMM tool now no longer free forever!

Yup you read right, Comodo have pulled the plug on their RMM service being ‘Free Forever’ a ‘sales’ pitch which they used to allegedly amass over 16000 users on the service.

Anyone know of a suitable replacement that is cost effective as I am left with no choice but to move on as they have blocked access to my endpoints unless we agree to a EULA with has not gone through EU DPC vetting.

When something is free, you are usually the product.


BetaBots like I used to call it

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I was hoping to get some debate going but way to kill that.

It was an OK product for Free, I had a play with it nut it certainly wasn’t living up to any expectations… I mean, when remoting into a machine copy & paste to copy a file form your machine to the remote one did not even work and was not an up & coming feature - little things like that can slow you down!

And lack of having the client to access remote machines with on Linux was a bind since I use Linux on my dekstop. The ‘RMM’ was not that good either, the scripts never really worked, or they would work and then stop for no rhyme or reason, same with the patch management.

I have a good friend who is on the head development team, and I raised the issues - they where not on the roadmap to be added and the RMM did not improve - for a free product it was OK, but the amountit slowed me down I may aswell have bought ConnectWise (which I did anyway). I didnt really trust Comodo either! I certainly did not want to have unattended access to machines on there when they would not say how secure the platform was.

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Thanks for your insight.

I used Comodo/Itarian for a year+ to support friends/family and my local church. So I am looking at an alternative as well. One that seems interesting to me is Wayk from Devolutions. It looks like it is a $149 per user for 1 year, and unlimited remote connections if i am reading it right. havent done the trail yet but I would only need myself as a user. Sure it is a not a RMM suite but I cant say that I was able to utilize any advance features from Itarian anyway.

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Thanks for your feedback on this

Wayk didnt work well for me after trying it out. Ended up going with Zoho Assist. Works well and wasnt too expensive. Does what I need it to do.