IT / IS Consulting - Disclaimer

Thought this would be a great section of the forum to pose this question. I am looking to officially form an LLC and stop with the 1099-MISC forms from clients. This would also help protect my personal assets, etc, etc, etc. My accountant asked if I had a boiler plate disclaimer on my quote / contracts with clients and if not to add that as another layer of protection.

Finally the question. Does anyone here have such a disclaimer that they could share as an example or advice why this isn’t needed?


I’m currently reading through “service agrements for SMB consultants” by Karl Palachuk. Not far enough in yet to give a proper review but so far it seems really good AND would be a whole lot better if I was in the US. Might be worth grabbing a copy.

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@garethw I read an excerpt from that book on Amazon. Sounds like a very interesting book. Will have to add it to my Wishlist. Thanks for the suggestion.

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