Issues with USB Hot Swap in Unraid VM

Hi all,

I’m unfortunately stumped on a issue I am working on. I reached out to the Unraid forums about a week and a half ago and I haven’t heard anything and I was also curious what everyone over here thought. So basically I have a USB hub/switcher that acts like a KVM for USB. I have my main desktop and a windows 10 VM (on Unraid) both at my desk and I am trying to have only one keyboard and mouse (and no I don’t want to do it with software aka. Synergy). As you may know Unraid doesn’t play nice with USB hot swaps. However, I found a userscript that automates the process. I have read on the Unraid forum that others have got it working. My issue is that when I switch the USB/KVM it will work in the vm for only about 5-15 seconds before freezing. I have poured over the code and cant find where the issue is. Any insight would be appreciated. I have attached a link to my original post on the Unraid forum.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!